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Booking Terms & Conditions

The Booking procedure when Meet Devon (South West England) Limited confirms a Venue/Hotel on behalf of a client:

  • A confirmation of the booking will be sent to the Client.
  • A copy of this will also be sent to the Venue/Hotel concerned.
  • On receiving this, the Venue/Hotel should make direct contact with the client acknowledging the booking and its details, as well as offering appropriate promotional information about the hotel and its facilities.  The booking agreement is thus technically transferred from Meet Devon (South West England) Limited to the Venue/Hotel.  Failure to do this will prompt the Client concerned to re-contact Meet Devon (South West England) Limited who will follow this up in the event that the confirmation to the Venue/Hotel has not been received.  This will create a double check on the system. A copy of the Client contract with the Venue/Hotel must be forwarded to Meet Devon (South West England) Limited.
  • The reservation on behalf of the Client is taken on trust that the original arrangements/allocation offered of event rooms/bedrooms given by the hotel is still live.  In which case the hotel must honour this booking and is responsible for it thereafter.  If a Venue/Hotel cannot honour the original allocation they must notify Meet Devon (South West England) Limited immediately to agree a resolution with a minimal amount of inconvenience to the Client.The Booking of Venue/Hotel Accommodation (agreement) is a binding contract between the Client and the Venue/Hotel concerned and on the express condition that Meet Devon (South West England) Limited shall not be liable for any loss (consequential or otherwise), damage, injury (whether fatal or not), delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused through acts or default of the proprietor of the accommodation or his employees, servants or agent.


The Venue/Hotel provider may offer a staged deposit/payment procedure, which will be deducted from the delegates’ final bill.  Meet Devon (South West England) Limited will invoice for commission after each agreed stage has been paid by the client. The accommodation providers’ management reserves the right to retain this deposit, against any charges in respect of cancellation or non-arrival as per the agreed cancellation policy.  It is important to make your deposit and cancellation policy clear to the Client at the first point of contact.

Cancellation Policy

  • Where a booking is cancelled, we would advise obtaining notification in writing from the Client, or their Agent.  The Client may then be billed for a cancellation charge and commission will become due based on that figure
  • Should the Venue/Hotel be able to re-let cancelled accommodation, we suggest that the hotel considers waiving, or adjusting the cancellation charges incurred.
  • Commission will become payable to Meet Devon (South West England) Limited. The maximum charge of 10% plus vat on the net total but subject to negotiation on lower income events.

Meet Devon (South West England) Limited Impartiality.  Meet Devon (South West England) Limited undertakes to circulate enquiries to all suitable providers, based on the requirements and specifications laid out by the organiser of the event. Any decision will be made by the client.

Release Back. The release back on bedrooms should be negotiated directly with the client. 

Accommodation Allocation. Conference HQ accommodation will be contracted directly with the client and commission invoiced. All bedrooms offered for a conference/event must have en-suite facilities, Meet Devon (South West England) Limited will not accept rooms for delegates without.

Partnership is free of charge for the foreseeable future, any payment is commission based to the maximum of 10% plus vat on net total this may be negotiable based on the value of the business.


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