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Events Management in Devon and South West

Take some time to think about how long it usually takes you to plan an event, now imagine that you can ask someone else to help you with it. Meet Devon have expert knowledge of events management in Devon and the South West region, and can help source the ideal venue. We can assist in planning your itinerary and help choose your suppliers. Contact our team today and let us provide expert advice and guidance along the way and answer any queries you may have.


Conferences are a great source of information for internal staff from your business, or for your clients or suppliers. If you’re looking for events management in Devon, we have a wealth of knowledge. We can offer advice and share our ideas with you for the best conference locations to save lots of time!

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Team Building

Teamwork is the key to an efficient workplace.  A great way to encourage your team to work at their best together is by holding team building days. Our events management team in Devon can help you find the perfect team building experience. Whether these are academic, or action packed, we can find the best venue or host for you. With so much green space and easy access to the sea, whether your chosen team build activity in land or water based, there is something for everyone and every ability to do something ‘out of the box’

Event Venues

We understand the importance of hosting unforgettable events, whether you are hosting workshops or a private meeting, the location will provide an important insight to your business. Our events management team in Devon will ensure you have a stress-free experience with planning your event by offering expert advice.


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